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Staples Center







I can’t believe we are so close to the Staples Center.
I love Chris Paul, so I got a Clippers hat.
I took off my new Nets hat before going into the store because you have to respect where you are.
We saw the Grammy Museum and found a Coldplay Grammy Star for best song of the year.
I love that song!
I have school most of the day today and then we are doing a Safety Walk Thru!


One response to “Staples Center

  1. I too want visit the Staples Center after seeing these monuments, pretty awesome! Your posts are making me excited to get to LA, but first I have to get through my week of work here in Houston. Then Saturday’s the date!!
    P.S. Good taste in music, my favorite Coldplay album, is A Rush of Blood to the Head. It has a really sad grounded feel, definitely not the choice for a rocknroll middle schooler. High School, perhaps? 😉 But Viva la Vida never gets old..

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