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Dress Rehearsal



Dress Rehearsal was last night!
We had dinner from Señor Fish and it was really good. We ate it out by the fountain and saw them setting up a RED CARPET for Einstein. My mom asked if we could go in the lobby and they let us peek around.
There were UCLA students in the audience tonight. My singing teacher Brett was going to be there but he had to go to NY for an audition. My elevator worked. My quick changes went really great.
We did pretty good.

Ps: I got to do the curtain call because we ended right at 10:30!!



One response to “Dress Rehearsal

  1. Awesome Jasper, hope you be on the curtain call tomorrow night! Feels surreal to say, but I am here in LA as well now, definitely might try those tacos tmrw. I can see the Disney music hall from my hotel..who knows I might see you and your mother that would be a treat!
    I am happy to know that everything is going well and look forward to tmrw and all my Einstein festivities!

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