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Opening Night At LA OPERA!











It was really fun yesterday.
Well, it started out not fun, I was stressed about school, but I took a break in my dressing room for a few minutes and then I went back to class. It’s just not as organized in my new school like I am used too, but Marie and my Mom said they would call the school and talk to them.
Then, it started to get fun!
After school, we had dinner at Disney Hall- I love that place and my Mom got me a cool cube for opening night at the store. I got my friend Emmett a present for sending me so many emails about school and what they are doing.
We ran around the fountains and posed at the red carpet but there were people already lined up to get tickets! We ran around the building laughing.
The show was great.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went to the show and so many artists were there. Ty said Kanye’s car was very cool, so I asked my Mom if she would take a picture of it. It looks like the batmobile! I wish I could meet him but he probably had to leave so people wouldn’t bother him.
Bob and Phil and Lucinda came up and took bows with us and there was a huge applause. It felt like the building was shaking.
We had a party in the founder circle room up in the lobby. It had huge chandeliers. They had good food like sliders and fries and dessert with real GOLD flakes on them. One had gold glitter!
My Mom’s friend Kirsten came to opening night so we asked her to come in the party. She is a big actor manager. We laughed a lot and she is coming to NYC in November so we will get to see her again.
I met Charles daughter, finally. She’s nice.
I met so many people who asked me questions about the show, but I was tired and then….
We felt like we were in horror movie going home. There was NO ONE on the street.
It was a good night.
I slept until 9am!



One response to “Opening Night At LA OPERA!

  1. What whhhat?!! That’s crazy..Kanye, super cool, he has awesome taste! First off, you were fantastic tonight as was the entire troupe! I yelled BRAVO JASPER, but everyone was standing and cheering so loud, I doubt you noticed. Still, what a show and really great curtain call! The UCLA talk was an asset to the show, though I knew so much about it going there, it just basically reinforced and refreshed my mind, still it was really important to see Bob, Lucinda, and Philip!! I wish I was almost here one more day so I can see it again, but since I won’t.. :p I’m back off to Texas and to hope for an original cast recording from you guys! Oh and no trouble for stressed days, your human for reason and I’m 22 and can’t imagine doing a world tour and being able to just keep it with the expectation and automatic showtime, you have proudly done your family well with all your professionalism, Jasper! I’m glad that the day took a detour for the better! You deserve it!! So now our blog journey has come full circle…I’ve seen EOB! I’ll be sure to post a LA blog too soon when I get home. Have a blast at tomorrow’s matinee!!!

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