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We went out again to find the Louvre at night!
We could see the Eiffel Tower really far away and walked across a bridge with love locks like in Amsterdam and Melbourne. We are going to go back in the daytime.

It basically feels like you are trespassing at the Louvre because it is so dark inside this one fort.
We ran around and danced inside the square.
Then we saw the huge glass pyramid. It’s so cool and has fountains all around it.

I’ve always wanted to see it at night. I really feel like I have been there before.

We tried to get groceries on the way home but the card STILL didn’t work.
My mom was really upset but then we found 40€ on the sidewalk!! Can you believe it?
We got dinner and some cereal, fruit, milk and orange juice for breakfast.
It was so lucky but things like that happen to us a lot.


One response to “Louvre

  1. Great news, Jasper! I’m glad the whole credit card ordeal worked out in your favor and all your needs are met. Have fun in Paris!

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