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Alex is my tutor









I went to the theater today for school.
We have cards with our names on it that swipe us in the stage door and in the dressing rooms!
I was kind of upset to have school on a Saturday until I met Alex.
He is going to be really great and knows a lot about Paris even though he is from London.
We did Math and research for Dance and lip-synched Pop songs. He is really fun!

We walked across the river for lunch- I have a view of the Seine from my dressing room! I’ll take pictures of it.
Alex took us to Notre Dame- it is huge- then the Latin quarter to eat.
I had a really good sandwich. David saw us and sat down with us. I like that you can be walking and see Einstein people everywhere. We saw Helga, too. She was lost and Alex told her where to go.

The funniest thing that happened was we went to a bakery like sweet shop to get dessert after lunch and I got the most delicious looking tarte chocolat. I was unwrapping it on the corner and it FELL on the sidewalk!! Alex and my mom both said it was okay to eat it because it was for a second.
It was so good!
I was secretly hoping it my Mom’s that fell and not mine.
The thing with Alex is we can laugh a lot.

Corey gave me a haircut. I was trying to keep it long but the show is going to be on French tv, so I wasn’t that bothered by getting one.


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