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The Chatelet











The Chatelet is really nice.
It’s an old theater that reminds me of the one in Reggio Emilia.
Everything is gold and there are big chandeliers.
We got to do a dress rehearsal and they were testing the cameras for Opening Night.
It is going to be live on French TV and streamed online.
At night, I saw the Eiffel Tower from my dressing room.
And I got to see Bob, Phil and Lucinda!


One response to “The Chatelet

  1. Beautiful performance tonight, all of you were great! First off, how cool is it, you and your mom’s name are both on the door..that’s love +
    I was able to stream the show today, not in its entirety since I was at work and I have great work ethic and would never do that on their time of course, but if the work gets done, all is fair, right? So, there I am with the screen minimized alongside my work, seeing how cool that EOB finally is being televised and live at that for those people with a desire to see the show, but not quite the means to do so. I think it was very cool of France to have something like that available. All my best to you and the company for the remainder of you all’s work in France xx

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