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Inside the Louvre Museum












We slept really late. I woke up at 11!
We got free tickets from Einstein to go to the museum and since it was our day off…we went!
As soon as we walked in we saw huge signs for Bob’s exhibit.
I wanted to go see Mona Lisa first. It’s small in real life and behind a rope so you can’t get close.
We saw a lot of Leonardo da Vinci paintings. I recognized some.
Then we went to find Bob’s room. It looks just like his room at Watermill. And my favorite sculpture with the moving hands was there.
We walked around and got lost a couple of times and then we found Bob’s videos with Lady Gaga. She was in a dress like a painting and a head like the John Baptiste painting I saw. It was down in the part where there are ruins. We walked around and found a dark path that felt haunted. There was another video upstairs where Lady Gaga was like the Marat painting. My mom told me about it but I don’t really understand it.

We stopped for lunch then went back to the hotel.
It’s been a really good day off.

I saw these paintings too and I think my Dad would really like to see them.


One response to “Inside the Louvre Museum

  1. Grandpa ⋅

    What a treat! Also like your selfie with the Mona. Love Grandpa,

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