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After Paris


Well we are leaving in two days for Berlin.
It’s our very last show.

I think I should tell you what has happened since we got back from Paris:

I got into The Gob Squad’s show! It’s another play that will take two years to do. But it’s going to happen at the Public Theater, it’s by my house and drumroll…it’s ALL KIDS!

It snowed a lot. I took a picture of my basketball court and you can’t tell it’s there. It was a lot of snow.

I went to the Super Bowl party in Times Square with my friends. It was fun, we saw a few football players.



The best thing I did was go to the Amnesty International Concert. It was at Barclays and Imagine Dragons played. And The Fray, Blondie, Cake, Tegan & Sara, Cold War Kids, Colbie Callait, Lauryn Hill, and The Flaming Lips. There was a guy in Blondie that played a real KEYTAR! We had good seats and the Impractical Jokers and Pussy Riot were sitting by us. Two of them who were in prison came from Russia and Madonna introduced them.
It was so great!





I saw Rocky on Broadway last night with my friend from school, too.
It was amazing!


One response to “After Paris

  1. allyson ⋅

    Lil cousin of mine your growing so fast amd what an amazing journey you have had so far..keep up the only live once. Love you..Ysabela sends a hug and kiss to you.

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