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The Cities I Went To on Tour

My Mom asked me what the first thing I remembered about each city we went to on tour.

Rehearsal at the Baryshnikov Center was in NYC, but I started with that:

I was very very shy. I had a lot of fun laughing when I met Charles in Trial rehearsal. I thought, am I going to know all of these people’s names? Before we got the cube, I used Charlie’s plastic salad bowl.

Ann Arbor: the Michigan basketball game with my tutor Jim. The time my Mom let me go to a place called Buffalo Wild Wings. The party we had closing night and the NFC championship game was on.

Montpellier: My first time out of the country. Eating a croissant at the Paris airport! Jean Paul.


Reggio Emilia: Dad was there. The best tortelli verde. Trash can basketball.

London: Hamleys toy store. Walking everywhere. The time we found the Sherlock Holmes place on the way home and ate there.

Toronto: Eating up at the CN tower on the first night. Meeting Jonah and Molly at the pool. The red carpet party!


Brooklyn: I was at home and it was really hard not staying closer to BAM. The burger place!

Berkeley: Yogurtland. The Giants won World Series.

Not a tour city but we stayed on West Coast instead of going home when they had the big hurricane:
Los Angeles: Disneyland on Halloween Night!
San Francisco: Trolley. Going to Alcatraz. Almost missing the plane to Mexico.

Mexico City: Orly in a cow suit! The pyramids and climbing both. Churros filled with chocolate. Chinese food in Mexico.


20140223-075819.jpgAll of the poffertjes we ate. When we went to Zaanse Schans. The boat the theater gave me from Droog.

Hong Kong: Going to Big Buddha. Seeing everything!

Melbourne: The costume exhibit. Our whole day trip to the country. When the koala photobombed me.


Los Angeles: The creepy walk back to the hotel at night and it felt like zombies were after us! Our 50th show.


Paris: Every single tourist attraction we went to and I usually DO NOT like places with a lot of people.



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  1. I love this post, so fun to look back and see what perhaps I might’ve have missed. You have traveled distinctly and engaged quite thoroughly with each city. All of the wonderful EOB shows make some noise!!! Real wonder, thankful to see you enjoy yourself so, all my best!!

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